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  • Both Art Gel and Jewelry Gel are beautiful. But what's the difference between Art Gel and Jewelry Gel?
    YouV Art Gel usually is more viscous and cures faster (3 ~ 5 seconds) than Jewelry Gel, making it convenient to create layers or three-dimensional artwork. The color is generally more saturated compared to Jewelry Gel, and combining different colors can be appealing. On the other hand, Jewelry Gel is less dense, so using a mold to formulate the shape is often a great way to use it. One of the characteristics that stand out is the transparent nature of the Jewelry Gel. It is nearly crystal clear, so the decoration mixed within the resin can be shown. Jewelry Gel is also more durable, so it can serve as a protective layer for final touches. The maximum curing thickness of the coating is much higher (~0.6"), and the curing time is set at around 30 ~ 45 seconds.
  • How does Flower Dip work?
    The texture of Flower Dip after curing can emulate thin film features. It works best with higher wattage, like a 48-Watt UV light source. We often recommend using Art Gel or Jewelry Gel as a finishing layer on top of Flower Dip. Another way to finalize Flower Dip creation is to use lint-free nail polish cleaner or alcohol wipes to make the surface smoother and remove any resin residue, if any.
  • How does Art Gel cure so quickly?
    We design the Art Gel so that makers can create without waiting for minutes to cure. The goal was to make Art Gel as intuitive as regular art supplies like acrylic paint so that anyone can create easily with resin. The resin also temperature rises and cools down immediately during the 3 ~ 5 seconds curing period. So, it is essential to make sure the surface materials that Art Gel is being used on can sustain the change in temperature. Most materials like acrylic sheets, glasses, wood, or other plastics are compatible.
  • I want to get my kids involved using YouV resins to express their creativity. Is it safe?
    While Jewelry Gel is SGS certified, we do strongly recommend parents' supervision for the use of resins. Both Art Gel and Jewelry Gel are great for children to play with!
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