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YouV Resin Art is Launching in the United States

Accessing high-quality resin art supplies just got even more accessible.

Resin art is all over the internet, and the stunning designs you see on social media make creating art with resin can look intimidating. However, getting started with resin is simple. All you need is a quality resin and a simple UV light, and you’re ready to start creating. That’s why we are thrilled to be bringing our high-quality, easy-to-use line of UV art products to the U.S.

When YouV was founded in 2018, our mission was to make resin art accessible to everyone. Now, with the U.S. launch of our product line and website, YouV is helping even more people discover their creativity. Whether you are new to resin or you’re a professional creating and selling art in hand-crafted marketplaces, you can find what you need at YouV.

YouV inspires makers to express their creativity with no limits.


Introducing YouV.Art!

To ensure you have everything you need to get started, we are launching our brand-new website, YouV.Art. You will find our complete product line—featuring the U.S. launch of our signature YouV Art Gel. Our highest quality, most accessible to use resin, Art Gel, comes with our precision applicator tip and a short, 3 second curing time. The wrinkle-free, low shrinkage resin is specially formulated to create the most complex 3D creations. Pick up YouV Art Gel, and let the ease of curing transform your workflow.

U.S. customers can shop on the website and have their orders shipped directly to their door. In addition to the full line of resins, resin molds, UV lights, and accessories, the website will also include tutorials for our favorite designs, demonstrations of YouV products, and FAQs. Once you’ve gotten started with YouV, come back to read about resin creation in the news, and connect with us on social media!



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