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YouV Showcases at Pinner's Conference in Indy

YouV Art at The Pinner’s Conference in Indy was a great success! The two-day event was a blast and we were genuinely delighted to interact with the conference visitors and see their impressions of our products.

Over the course of the conference, we hosted live resin art experiences, created “make and take” projects with customers to test our products and take their pieces of art home with them, and customized kits in order to help our customers continue to share their unique YouV experience once they got home.

YouV Indy Pinners Conference Booth
YouV Booth at Pinner's Conference in Indianapolis

In our make and take experience, visitors got to see resin art in action. Some of the visitors thought resins would be sticky, messy, and hard to complete in a short period of time. We had so much fun showing everyone who stopped by how quick, easy and beautiful creating with resin art can be.

YouV Live Demo Make and Take
YouV Make and Take Experience

The opportunity to connect with our customers was the highlight of our experience at the Conference. We had over 300 visitors at our demo table over the span of two days and many of them continue to return and hang out with us throughout the day.

Connecting with all our visitors was special, but it was especially rewarding to spend time with families watching parents and kids create a project together. Parents loved the easy clean-up and no wait time for a finished product, but when the kids saw how easy it was to learn how to create something beautiful with resin, their smiles said it all.

Our booth at the conference was set up right at the entrance of the event, so visitors would often pass by on their way to explore, only to circle back to visit the booth again. They would come back to see the demos, create their own make and take piece of art, and learn about the endless possibilities of resin art.

The YouV team spent the weekend teaching people about resin and watching visitors get excited about a new form or resin art without the hassle of cleaning and waiting. The demo table ended up being so popular on Friday that our team created a custom Discovery Kit for Saturday so that visitors could get everything they needed to recreate the demo experience at home and share it with friends and family. Now we’re getting ready to head to the next Pinner’s in Scottsdale, AZ on November 10th and we cannot wait to see the crowd there!

Our team was also grateful to make new friends with our neighboring booths including SoapMomento, I Literally Can Knot, Bloomington Chocolate, Pearls with Purposes, and Whole Home Scenting. We would like to give a special thanks to all the members from the team at Pinner’s to organize this event. We look forward to more to come!

YouV Team Pic Let's Go!


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