Available in 30 ml and 200 ml tubes 


Our Art Gel is designed to allow makers to maintain a seamless art workflow. You can cure it in as little as three seconds with a UV LED flashlight!  By squeezing the resin out of the product bottle with a needle-shaped nozzle, you can create three-dimensional objects by drawing through surface drawings or stacking the layers.  Our Art Gel comes in seven vibrant colors and works well with most of the surface materials often used in arts and crafts creations.

Black Art Gel

    • Fast Cure Time (3 seconds)
    • Low Shrinkage without wrinkling
    • Unique viscosity, colors do not bleed
    • Colors are premixed
    • More Viscous - lets you create multiple layers.  Your creations will be more 3-dimensional
  • 30 ml and 200 ml tubes