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Glass Tumbler with YouV Jewerly Gel Sculpture

Make Beautiful Resin Creations with the Power of UV Light

Art Gels

YouV Blue Art Gel

Aroma & Jewelry Gels

YouV Purple Jewelry Gel

Flower Dip

YouV Orange Flower Dip
Glass resin texture

Create stunning resin artwork with endless possibilities

With our wide variety of resin products explicitly made for makers, YouV helps you design gorgeous and unique creations using our Art Gel, Jewelry Gel, and Flower Dip. We also have silicone molds that jump-start your artwork. Use them individually or in combination to create many kinds of wearables, jewelry, art tokens, and more.

Glass Resin Purple and pink texture

We develop multiple innovative materials with specialized characteristics as the designer and manufacturer of resins,. We can create specialty and tailored products to meet the needs of both B2B and consumers.


As a leading innovator in the resin industry, YouV designs and manufactures specialized products that the market hasn't seen before. Through partnering with YouV, distributors can bring diverse products to the market and stand out immediately from their competitors. Distributors can also work with us to develop unique resin solutions tailored to their brands' needs. Carrying YouV products on your platform truly distinguishes you from other resin suppliers in the arts and crafts industry.

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Fast Curing


By skillfully using UV light, our products have one of the fastest curing times for resin in the arts and crafts industry.

Color Palette Icon

Vivid Non-Fading Colors


Most resins start to fade into a yellowish color after a few weeks. Our color is rich and will stay the test of time.

Clear Water Drop Icon

True Clear


Most "clear" resins are foggy and opaque.  YouV clear is truly clear and beautifully transparent

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Unique Formulations


YouV creates specialty resins with unique characteristics and textures that are not found anywhere else.

Watch how to make beautiful creations with YouV!

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