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Purple and Blue Resin Texture

Our Art Gel is designed to allow makers to maintain a seamless art workflow. You can cure it in as little as three seconds with a UV LED flashlight!

Cyan, Pink and Plum Resin Texture

By squeezing the resin out of the product bottle with a needle-shaped nozzle, you can create three-dimensional objects through surface drawings or stacking the layers. They are cured with UV light in as little as three seconds.

Lavender, Pink, and Purple Resin Texture

The cured Art Gel will maintain the form with low Shrinkage and without wrinkling. The color consistency and gel's transparency of our Art Gel are first-rate, and the quality unmatched, giving you a superior craft-making experience to realize your ideas!

YouV Art Gel Earrings and Bracelet

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Our clear is truly clear

"Clear" resins are often foggy or yellowish, and many times, you cannot see through the cured product. YouV formulates the resins to create true transparency.

YouV Jewerly Clear Art Sculpture Droplet
YouV Art Gel Bracelet
  • Fast Cure Time (3 seconds)

  • Low Shrinkage without wrinkling

  • Unique viscosity, colors do not bleed

  • Colors are premixed

  • More Viscous - lets you create multiple layers.  Your creations will be more 3-dimensional

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