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Content Creators

Join YouV as a content creator!

YouV Social Influencer
  • Standout on social media with creations made with YouV.

  • Complimentary products and access to the newly released items for content creation.

  • Earn commission through affiliation or resell.

By working with YouV, content creators can receive complimentary products to showcase their work on your social media. You will have exclusive early access to the newest products from YouV and explore the various creations made with our resins. Our content creators also can include YouV products on their website as a sales channel or include an affiliated marketing link.


Who is eligible?

  • 500 followers or more.

  • Frequently posting on their social media channels.

  • Arts and crafts related.


How do I apply?

Fill out our Partner Opportunity Contact Form.

Our team will reach out to you after our evaluation.

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