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Gummy Resins

Experience resins in a revitalized way

Gummy Resins
Purple and Blue Resin Texture

The Gummy Resin is designed to have a squishy texture after it is cured. You can use it with a silicone mold or finish your artwork with a touch of coating on the surface to carry out the healing craft effect.

Lavender, Pink, and Purple Resin Texture

Take your UV resin artwork to a new level. Gummy Resin redefines how we use resins as a medium. Breakthrough the status quo with a scentless and gummy texture!

Adheres to Various Surfaces

You can mix and match Gummy resins with other UV resins and different surface materials like acrylic, wood, or other plastics.

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Cures in 5 minutes using an LED UV Lamp


Unique viscosity, colors do not bleed


Colors are premixed


Ability to stack in a silicone mold with other UV resins

Shop Gummy Resins

Shop Gummy Resins

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