YouV Jewerly Gel Earring

Jewelry Gels

Designed for limitless creative possibilities

Pink and Cyan Resin Texture

YouV Jewelry Gel is used with a silicone mold to create your desired shapes. You can fill up the cavity with resin as well as other decorative materials such as glitters. The gel can be cured with a UV nail lamp within 30 seconds to a minute.

Blue Purple and Pink Smooth Resin Texture

All of our Jewelry Gels are SGS certified with solvent-free composition. Under regular handling, it has a low risk of skin irritation.

Magenta and Cyan Resin Texture

The cured Jewelry Gel will smooth the surface finish and will hold its shape well. The color consistency and the transparency of our Jewelry Gel are first-rate. The quality is unmatched, giving you a superior craft-making experience to realize your ideas!

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