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From Modern to Surrealist: Different Styles of Artwork with YouV Art Gel

Modern Art

Stripping away representative symbols, modern art creates a language of shape, color, form, and contrast to communicate with the viewer. The bold colors created by YouV Art Gel with the infinite ways of combining shape and contrast in 3D make this medium perfect for bold, new, exciting modern art.


Scenes from nature, animals, and people are some of the best subjects for resin art. Delicate details of resin layers can create any natural setting, from delicate feathered birds to intricately detailed fall leaves. With so much beauty around you, take inspiration from the natural world and bring it into your artwork in crisp, clear definition with YouV Art Gel.


Because your imagination has no limits, your creations don’t need to have limits either. Birds can fly underwater, or fantastical creatures can wander around your resin cityscape. Dali-esque resin clocks can melt in 3D into a surrealist wonderland. Use the precision application of YouV art gel to create something wholly unbelievable and completely magical.

Wearable Art

With YouV Art Gel, you can express who you are through resin art. We love to see artists take those unique resin creations and make them into wearable art—earrings, bracelets, necklaces, even tennis shoes, and headbands. Your accessories are for showing off who you are, and what better way than to make them yourself!


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