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YouV is Coming to Pinner’s Conference Indianapolis

See You There!

The Pinner’s Conference is bringing together Pinterest-inspired artists all over the U.S., and YouV is beyond thrilled to be participating in the next upcoming conference in Indianapolis. We are on a mission to bring the best quality resin art to anyone and everyone, and we are excited to share the stage with resin artists and other creators at this conference.

On October 8-9, we will be at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds & Events Center to connect with fellow Pinners and show off our quality, easy-to-use products. The show lasts all day Friday and Saturday, and our booth will be set up to display everything you need to get started in resin art.

We will be offering exclusive discounts at the conference and a product display to showcase the scope of different applications for our resins.

New and experienced artists will be able to speak to an expert about their resin needs and creative vision, as well as participate in a live trial of our favorites!

Experience Resin Art Live at the Conference

Exclusively for the Pinner’s Conference, we will be offering a live experience where visitors will be able to try out our products right along with us. Experts will take you through resin basics and will be available to show experienced artists the application and advantages of our different types of resin. Everyone can try their hand at our resin products and even create a piece of art to take home with them!

We are thrilled to show conference attendees the advantages of YouV resin in real-time, including our Art Gel with a 3 second curing time and wrinkle-free finish. We pride ourselves on creating the most beautiful product, and we know you will agree when you get the opportunity to try it for yourself.

To learn more about this event, visit the Pinners Indiana Website.


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